A look back on 2017

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2017 is coming to a close and what a year it has been, from player transfers, LAN wins and entries into new game titles, it has certainly been a busy one for us at Vexed Gaming! So what are we waiting for? Let’s dive in on some of our 2017 Vexed highlights.

Toward the end of 2016 we took victories with our brand new grassroots roster hailing from France. We saw great victories such as winning Championnat National, surpassing Team LDLC and defeating Flipside Tactics in the Hellcase Cup and receiving a number of invites to LANs across Europe!

We then saw the departure of Devoduvek as we successfully transferred him and found him a new home in Team EnvyUs, where he could further progress his professional career. He is now playing in North America for the organisation Misfits, alongside ex-Vexed player, Amanek. From this we rebuilt our French roster with the inclusion of KQLY and Moving NpK from a coach role into an active player role. This was a historic moment, not only within the Counter-Strike scene, but within the esports scene as a whole, as we challenged the scene and tournament organisers to professionalise the way bans are handled to aid the progression of Esports.

Our female team

As we continued to grow our operations, we took a short dive into the Female CSGO Counter-Strike scene to explore and further support the scene. We learnt a lot during this period and they achieved great things at Copenhagen Games and Intel Extreme Masters – Katowice including a win against Team Dignitas and a semi-final finish.

A change of direction

During the Summer of 2017 we felt the need to change our organisational plans and direction, not due to lack of results but due to passion. We made a decision to enter the UK esports scene. We felt as though the UK scene lacked professionalism and true organisational support for players, and so we wanted to lead the way by bringing our experience from the European circuit back home to develop grassroots talent with a professional structure behind them.

Our Halo team

With this decision came our entry into a new game title at Vexed, which has held a place in our heart since we were children – Halo. We have seen many successes within our 6 month battle within the Halo scene and have enjoyed it each and every step of the way.

We kicked off with a 3rd place finish in the ESL Halo Pro League, which saw us qualify for HCS at Dreamhack Atlanta alongside Optic Gaming, Team Liquid and TeamEnvyus. This took us to our first North American Event of 2017. We then followed this up with an insane performance at HCS London, at the Gfinity Arena, where we pulled a 3rd place finish out of the bag after an incredibly close game against the French team, Supremacy, and a reverse sweep to defeat Excel Esports, which saw us qualify for HCS Dreamhack Denver alongside Evil Geniuses, Splyce and Luminosity Gaming.

UK Counter-Strike scene

Soon after our Halo announcement, we entered the UK Counter-Strike scene, which is in our organisations roots after previously attending two Counter-Strike majors. We secured ourselves a win vs Reason Gaming with 3 back-to-back wins at the Insomnia61 CSGO Finals. Following our passion, we have committed to building a team that can compete at an international level with a core of UK players with support and coaching from experience european talent such as ‘Quix’. The team have eased themselves into the UK Premiership for 2018, after 25 wins and only 2 losses in ESEA UK, and have recently eliminated Epsilon, Winning 16-6 in the gauntlet.

Entering the Battlegrounds

Along with Halo, we also entered the newly released PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and received an invitation to the $250,000 ESL Gamescom Invitational. Since then, we have come leaps and bounds with our roster, taking chicken dinners away from the likes of G2 Esports and wiping out Ninjas in Pyjamas in PUBGOnline, Curse Trials. We have recently received an invite into the Auzom Premier League where we will face teams such as FaZe Clan, Team Dignitas and Optic Gaming to name a few!

Expanding into the Siege

To finish the year we announced our further expansion into Rainbow Six Siege and secured our place in the up-and-coming R6S ESL UK Premiership. We are incredibly excited to be a part of Rainbow Six and the ESL Premiership.

Our spectacular sponsors

We also found new friends and sponsors with EbuyerGaming, the number one retailers of technology in the UK. Ballistix, who create some of the highest quality RAM for gaming. And of course, the kings of storage, Seagate and HyperX.

We also made a number of appearances during 2017 at our sponsors stalls, with HyperX at EGX, Ebuyer at Insomnia 61, Ballistix Gaming at Gamescom and Seagate at Dreamhack Denver. We loved meeting you all, playing some games and having a chat.

Giving back, and the future

As well as our achievements, we have also given back with our recent donations to the ESL Battle of the Brands and Food Banks over the festive period. During 2018 we look to continue to build on our achievements and support players in the UK. We would like to thank our sponsors over at Ebuyer Gaming, Seagate, Ballistix and HyperX for supporting us on our journey to professionalise and support the UK Scene. Our players, current and previous for their hard work and dedication to their disciplines and of course, YOU, the fans who support us through the thick and thin, celebrating our victories together and supporting us through our losses.

Together we are Vexed, and we can’t wait to see you in 2018. #FeelingVexed

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