Hands On with the Hyper X Cloud 2 Gaming Headset

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The Hyper X Cloud II headset is widely known as one of the best affordable headsets for the average consumer, whilst also being favored by some top level players, and more notable players such as Vexeds very own NpK and Vanity.

With it’s lightweight, comfort-ability as well as it’s 7.1 quality surround sound and passive noise reduction – It can be favoured by the casual, or competitive gamer being found online at ebuyer.com/hyperx for as little as £69.98, making it perfect on a budget.

This headset is wired, meaning reactive sounds won’t be affected by potential delays that some of the wireless headsets can provide, giving that immediate response time from in game noise. As a plug and play headset, this also means that even the most unfamiliar user to what can sometimes be a mundane process don’t have to worry about the installation of drivers whilst also being perfect for Laptop games as it alleviates the need for a dedicated sound card.

This particular headset comes with a detachable microphone with a sound card and audio controls, making it perfect to set up to communicate with your friends in-game; but also with a number of extra goodies on the side. As standard, the headset come with leather ear cups, but a pair of cloth padded ear cups for those who prefer, as well as a headphone jack for those who may want to use them on an Airplane. Whilst it sounds like a lot, there’s a storage bag included the ensure your parts stay safe and in one place. The length of the cable can be considered too long for some users, although I prefer to have that little extra freedom knowing it won’t extend too far so easily, although the USB controller features a clip that allows the user to attach it to the body, to keep it out of the way whilst in use.

As we know, the Hyper X Cloud II does work well with the latest gaming consoles such as the Xbox One, and the PS4 however; The 7.1 surround sound requires software to perform, so this should be taken into consideration when purchasing for the console. Not only has this headset been known to be great for gaming, but ultimately can be used on a wide scale of devices – As I’d even used it briefly to enjoy some music on my Mobile!
The Cloud II comes in different styles, allowing that freedom to color co-ordinate and personal preference of the color itself – With a metal frame making the headset sturdy, and reliable for durability in the long run in which I would imagine would make the general 2 year warranty void immediately, although you never know!

When using the headset, I was impressed by the sound quality as a whole with how clean the games sounds were. Amazed by how explosive the ‘in your face’ sounds were, but also impressed by the more subtle ambient of the gaming experience. This was only improved by enabling the virtual 7.1 surround sound finding it much easier to differentiate the direction of where in game sounds were coming, giving that feeling of being in the midst of the action. This also gave me confidence in knowing that if I was to use this headset on my consoles, I could still benefit from great sounds and have an equally good experience. As a more preferred PC gamer, on an assumption the software for the 7.1 surround sound may not be available to the console game, if you were competitive on the console I would maybe recommend an alternative option to provide that high end directional awareness the Hyper X Cloud II provides, however; If you’re just a casual console gamer like myself then this headset would be perfect for you.

“It’s the most comfortable light weight headset I’ve ever owned”

– Vanity

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