Our top 5 Skins from Operation Shattered Web

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With the Release of Operation Shattered Web comes a whole load of new wepon skins, we’ve saved you the effort of searching and picked out our Top 5 skins!

1) AK47 Wild Lotus

The classic AK47 gets a vibrant makeover with the new Wild Lotus skin, created by Shaylyn Alia and featured in the St Marc Collection. Featuring tropical vines and leaves that wrap around the gun, flowing from one end to the other, with huge explosions of colour from the bright pink and red flowers on the body-end of the gun, this takes our number 1 spot for our favourite of the Operation Shattered Web skins.

AK47 Wild Lotus

2) AWP Containment Breach

Splatter your AWP with this fluorescent green and deep grey paint job, reminiscent of the Operation Hydra colour scheme, featuring glowing-eyed rats and radioactive waste. Rocking this skin will definitely garner you some attention.

AWP Containment Breach

3) MAC-10 Stalker

Bright seems to be the theme of the rarer skins from Operation Shattered Web, and the “Stalker” skin for the MAC-10 by Lulu McAllister is no different, featuring stark contrasts between the Turquoise accenting and graphic, and the yellow, gold and orange background. This brilliant artwork is encapsulated well with dark black accents forming wild cat-esque stripes across the gun.

mac 10 stalker

4) SG 553 (Krieg) Colony IV

Although with the release of Operation Shattered Web, the Krieg has received a significant price increase, it’s still receiving some love with this exciting, post-apocalyptic gun skin that we absolutely love. It features a red skeletal insect crawling down the body of the gun, over the top of piles of CT Gas masks, surrounded by orange/yellow fiery explosion. A great skin to slap the Vexed Cluj-Napoca 2015 sticker onto, matching our red logo to the red skeleton.

SG 553 (Krieg) Colony IV

5) AWP Gungir

A must-have for any AWPer, and anyone that’s a fan of rocking a blue loadout. The white, engraved Norse accenting on top of a shiny light blue body creates an eye-catching, icey feel to this skin, with more subtle but fine white Norse accenting found on the barrel, scope, and butt of the gun.

awp gungir

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